Farm Bill 2018 Making CBD Completely Legal

Farm Bill 2018 Making CBD Completely Legal

In 2018, something monumental happened. After decades of people pressuring the government to recognize that there is absolutely nothing dangerous about hemp, it actually happened. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 made it so that hemp was federally legalized. This is huge for a few key reasons, which we will discuss further in this article. What you need to know is that hemp being legalized means that companies like Cali Choice are finally free to make quality CBD products that can be shipped to people all over the country.

The legalization of hemp has opened up a wide range of benefits for people. Hemp is an amazing plant that can be used to make a variety of amazing products. It is helpful for everything from making clothing to creating high quality CBD products. Its versatility and countless benefits are why so many people have been pushing for it to be legalized in the first place. From our perspective, the best part of hemp being legalized on a federal level is the fact that we can officially make amazing CBD products just for customers like you.

Prior to the implementation of this bill, hemp was treated just like marijuana. There are a few problems here. First of all, hemp and marijuana are two completely different things. Marijuana has a high amount of THC, which is what makes people high when they smoke it or ingest it. Hemp, on the other hand, has a very low amount of THC that is completely negligible. In fact, this is one of the qualifiers that is actually involved in the hemp regulations. In order for the hemp and products to be legal, they must have a virtually nonexistent THC content. Hemp is, by definition, cannabis with a THC content that is lower than 0.3%. This is why CBD products have to have the warning about potential THC within the product. Though these products will not get you high, they could have trace amounts of THC, so it must be disclosed.

After much contention surrounding hemp and CBD, it is a relief for many people that CBD has officially been legalized. This is a much needed change that people have been pushing for over the course of literal decades, so naturally it was an incredibly celebrated win. The result of this is that people now have access to a variety of CBD products to help them improve their lives. This is yet another win within the cannabis conversion that is overtaking America.

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