How To Verify A Real CBD Company

How To Verify A Real CBD Company

When you are looking to buy CBD products, you might have noticed that there are a variety of companies available to sell them. Now that CBD is fully legalized, the market is flooding with companies promising quality CBD products. Unfortunately, not every single CBD company is truly focused on creating quality products. In fact, some companies want to sell you poorly made or even misleading products. This is largely being perpetuated by companies selling hemp oil and calling it CBD when they are actually two different products. Since this is the case, we wanted to help you to learn how to spot a real CBD company.

Look for A Reputable Website

If you are searching for CBD products and see a web page that looks like it was thrown together in a few hours, it is best to shy away. A reputable CBD company will do everything within their power to make sure that they have a solid brand because it is how they will represent themselves to you.

Check the Ingredients

The best way to make sure that you are getting real CBD from a reputable company is to look at the ingredients in the product. If the product doesn’t say cannabidiol anywhere on the label, particularly with a valid amount compared to the total size of the product, it is not real CBD.

Compare the Price

If you are seeing CBD products online and they are promising 3000 milligrams of CBD for $15, it is definitely not real CBD. High quality CBD is a product that certainly costs more than the average supplement, so if you see pricing that appears too good to be true, it probably is.

Check the Reviews

The best way to know if you are truly getting a product worth investing in from a company worth investing from is to see what people say about it. Check out the product reviews and see what people think about their experience with the company. Did they offer the promised relief? Did the supplements serve their purpose? Keep these things in mind when evaluating the public opinion of a company.


A quality CBD company is absolutely worth their value, which is why we take every step that we can at Cali Choice to ensure that we are doing the absolute best for our customers. There are plenty of brands out there that simply do not share the same commitment to providing customers with good CBD products. Make sure that any time you shop with a company, you do so as an educated consumer.

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