CBD Gummies Sour Folks (Single-Pack) 350mg Cali Choice CBD Gummies



Plenty of people remember experiencing the wonder of sour patch kids growing up, which is why we decided to make this amazing variation of CBD gummies. You will be amazed by just how good these treats taste. In fact, you might just find that they become your new favorite snack. This means that as you get your daily dose of CBD, you will always have something delicious to look forward to.

Our sour patch kids deliver you a perfect dose of CBD for all of your needs while also providing you with a scrumptious snack that you will love. You can enjoy a high-quality dose of CBD without having to suffer through a tasteless poorly made edible.

Our gummies make it possible for you to enjoy taking CBD almost as much as you enjoy the relief of it. Cali Choice is proud to give back to our community, which is why we also incentivize our customers with our donation process. Every single time you make a purchase through Cali Choice, we donate a meal to a person in need!

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