CBD Gummies Watermelon Rings (Single-Pack) 350mg Cali Choice CBD Gummies



When it comes to meeting your daily CBD needs, you don’t always want something plain and boring. Though you might not think that CBD needs to be delicious, isn’t everything better with a little bit of flavor? Our watermelon gummies are absolutely bursting with a tasty pop of watermelon flavoring that will taste so good, you might just forget that you are taking CBD at all!

Each watermelon CBD gummy is filled with a careful combination of CBD and delicious natural flavoring that makes it easy for you to get your CBD needs met. You will love the relief that this product can bring almost as much as you love chowing down on these amazing gummies. They come in easy to take standardized doses, making them a great option for discreetly meeting your CBD needs on the go!
Cali Choice is proud to give back to our community, which is why we also incentivize our customers with our donation process. Every single time you make a purchase through Cali Choice, we donate a meal to a person in need!

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