Where Does CBD Come From?

Where Does CBD Come From?

Plenty of people affiliate CBD with marijuana, but few understand how exactly these products are made or where they come from. Though it is true that you can get CBD from marijuana, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your CBD is coming from it. In fact, the CBD products that you see in store are actually not derived from marijuana plants at all. However, before we can break that down for you, we must set the simple standard that all CBD comes from cannabis. 

Most people think that cannabis is marijuana, but that is not actually true. While marijuana is a type of cannabis, cannabis actually comes in other forms. The primary alternate type of cannabis is hemp. The majority of people think that hemp is marijuana, but it actually is not. It is an entirely separate plant. While both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis, that doesn’t mean that they are the same. The primary distinguishing factor is that marijuana has a high THC content. This is the part of marijuana that is known for its psychoactive properties, which gives you the feeling of being high. Hemp, on the other hand, has an incredibly low THC content and a higher CBD content. 

So, what does this mean when it comes to understanding where CBD comes from? CBD can actually be obtained from both marijuana and hemp. Both plants naturally have it, and it can easily be taken from either. However, the source is what matters when it comes to buying. The CBD products that you buy in a dispensary are more than likely derived from marijuana, which is why on the label you will generally see a THC percentage as well. However, the CBD products that you see on the shelves in stores, as well as the CBD products that you get at Cali Choice, are actually taken from hemp.

The simple answer is that CBD comes from cannabis. However, depending on where you get it as well as what else comes with it, is all dependent upon the type of cannabis used to derive it. If you are looking for pure CBD with a negligible amount of THC, then you should go for hemp-derived CBD. Though we might have a slight bias, we believe that Cali Choice is the best possible option for your CBD product needs!

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